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Hip Dysplacia
All breeding stock and many more of my breedings are checked for Hip Dysplacia. I have been very fortunate and have always hade very good results. The mean value for hip dysplacia in Sweden is about 7 %. In the Rollick's dogs it is 2 %.

Von Willebrands Disease
A DNA test has recently been available for vWd testing. vWd is a very mild bleeding disorder. Most dogs with vWD lives a whole long life without any signs of the disease. But under certain circumstances an affected dog can run into problem.
With this new simple test I don´t see any reason not to test my breeding stock. It is a simple recessive gene responsible for this illness. Only dogs getting this gene from both of it's parents will be affected. Dogs getting only one dysfunctional gene (carrier) will never be sick but can carry the affected gene to it's offspring's. Thus, breeding a carrier to a clear dog will never produce sick offspring's.

I have so far tested nine of my dogs and this is the result:
Rollick's Pretty Woman - Clear
Rollick's Wild Wind - Clear
Rollick's Absolutely Adorable - Clear
Rollick's Magic Light - Clear
Rollick's Days of Thunder - Clear
Kerrydom Court Hero at Rollick's - Clear
Remus Braudag - Clear
Opus de Chapeau Terrier - Clear
Rollick's Fame'n Glory – Carrier
Symphonie's Be My Valentine - Clear (tested in USA)

Two parents both tested clear will give offspring's that is hereditary clear. Thus, the following of my dogs do not need to be tested:
Rollick's Wild Thing - Hereditary clear
Rollick's Girl Power - Hereditary clear

The tests have been done at Finnzymes in Finland

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