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Int & Nord Ch, NordV-03, SV-04-06
Werweise's Emperor

 Born/född  Nickname
 Feb 15, 2003  Nero
 Tests  Show results


 9 CAC/cert
 20 BOB, BIG-2
 BOB, Sw Winnershow -04 & -06
 BIS Sealyham Speciality 2006

 BOS Sealyham Speciality 2007
 Breeder/uppfödare  Owner/ägare
 Morgan Granander  Charlotta Mellin
 Litters with/kullar med  Offsprings/avkommor
 - Werweise's Neat'n'tidy
 - Ch Majomas April April

 Dancing-Queen (1 CAC)
 High Castle Mercedes (export France)


 Picture showing Nero to the left winning BIS at the Sealyham  Speciality 2006.  BOS is Int Ch Majomas High-Colour. Judge Patrick Cederlof

Great Grandparents
Great Great Grandparents
 S Ch
 Werweise's Magnum
 S Ch, NordV-99
 Snow Roses Trigger Typical
 GB & NL Ch
 Torset Trigger Happy
 Torset Trojan
 Ch Talk of Glory Og Torset
 Snow Roses Lucky Girl Sissy
 Ch Werweise's I Made the Angels Crazy
 Int Ch Dersade Desirable Lady
 S Ch
 Werweise's Take Me Higher

 S Ch, SV-97
 Torset Take That

 Ch Lone Ranger of Sunnyview
 Torset Too Cute
 S Ch, NordV-95
 Torset Temptress
 Torset Trojan
 Ch Talk of Glory Og Torset
 It Ch
 Honeymoon Del Tabarro
 S & Fin Ch
 Lone Ranger of Sunnyview
 GB Ch
 Dersade Deputy of Sunnyview
 Westen Sheriff of Sunnyview
 Dersade Dianthus
 Will O'the Wisp
 Rolmair Romantic
 Willowsnow Fairy
 Abracadabra Del Tabarro
 Vatuttobene Del Tabarro
 Aubepine Del Tabarro
 Dersade Dahlia
 Torset Tiamo
 Torset Trojan
 Torset The Lucky One
To the left, Nero winning Group 2 at Malmo Int. 2005. Handler Peter Nyman. To the right: Nero was BIS-junior at Ostsvenska terriermasterskapet 2004.