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Irish Softcoated Wheaten Terrier

Wheaten is a breed that I had followed on a distance for many years due to their similarity to Kerry Blue. There have been a diversity in types in Sweden. Some had good points in certain areas and other had good points in other. But when I first laid my eyes on Int Ch Lindywheat's Spicey Secret and understood that it now was possible to find dogs that combined all strong points, I felt that it was time for me to look closer into this breed. Spicey Secret became Top Wheaten 2004.

Spicey Secret got only two males in her first litter but in the next she got four boys and four girls! The sire was a very handsome boy named Int Ch Windisle Don Hugo, Top Wheaten 2005. It was no question that one girl was for me.

Int Ch Whindisle Don Hugo
Int Ch Lindywheat Spicey Secret

Lindywheat's Tiramisu "Tara" has almost everything I can ask for. A super temperament, excellent coat and substance. But she is lacking size. Therefore she will never be a superstar in the rings. But I hope she will produce some nice puppies for me.

Tara 8 weeks old
Tara 5 month old



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