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Where/When  Name  To
Great Britain
2007  S & Dk Ch Rollick's Fool For Fame  Knl Lynnsto
1994  Rollick's Scandinavian Dream  knl Maygate's, Ginny May
2000  Int, Can Ch Rollick's Flying Colours  knl Symphonie's, F Godbout (for one year)
2000  US & Can Ch Rollick's Riverdance  knl Symphonie's, France Godbout
2000  Rollick's Dance With the Devil  knl Symphonie's, France Godbout
2002  US, Can & Nord Ch Rollick's Grand Illusion  knl Kylemore
2002  US & Multi Ch Rollick's Reflection  knl Wildside (for one year)
2002  Rollick's Jerry Maguire  knl Kylemore
2003  Rollick's Midnight Magic  private
2007  Rollick's Romantica  knl Ceili Mor
2000   Int Ch Rollick's Keystone Cowboy  knl Doughcloyne, Roger Good
1999  Multi Ch Rollick's Reflection  knl Irish Hippy, Sergei Viazmin
2002  Rollick's Vanilla Sky  knl de Chapeau Terrier, Pedro Quesada
2001  Rollick's Absolutely Gorgeous  knl Zur Zaliergruft, Margit Erhart
New Zeeland
2004  NZ Ch Rollick's Return of the Shadow  knl Shado-Lan's
2007  Aust Ch Rollick's You Go Girl  knl Dallaroo, Wayne Lewis
2007  Rollick's Moonchild Girl  knl Moonshild, Naoki Hirato
1994  N Ch Rollick's Leading Lady  knl Valera, Petter Steen
1995  Rollick's Giggling Girl  private
1996  Int Ch Rollick's True Colours  kennel Shyloch, Helge Kvivesen
1997  Rollick's Real Hit  private
2000  Int Ch Rollick's Dancing With Shyloch  kennel Shyloch, Helge Kvivesen
2003  Rollick's Dream of Glory  private
2003  N Ch Rollick's Hope'n Glory   private
2006  Rollick's Princess Leia Organa  private
2007  Rollick's Arctic Light  private
1992  Rollick's Cover Girl  private
1992  Rollick's Chorus Girl  private
1996  Fin Ch Rollick's Colourful  private
1997  Fin Ch Rollick's Megahit for Merryblue  knl Merry Blue, Marjutta Sarkanen
 2005  Rollick's Flash of Fame  Heidi Jaatinen
 2006  Rollick's Just a Fantasy


 2007  Rollick's Blue Moonlight  knl Blue Moonlight
2005  DK Ch Rollick's Wild Venture kennel Kordes, Bithe & Herman Bedstedt
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