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Vilda gave birth to six puppies!

Four boys and two girls were born on the 2nd of February.

Pups at 10 weeks
Pups at 4 month
King of Kerrydom
Sold to Kerrydom Court, Slovakia
Pirate King
For sale
Prince of Thieves
 Sold to Gothenburgh
Prince Charming
Indigo Queen
Stays in the kennel

 Sold to Karlstad
Silver Princess


 Ru & Hr Ch
 Torum's Smokey Chisholm
 GB Ch Torum's Tunde Bayou
 Dasumianco Shockwave

  Int, Hr, Hu, Pl & Sk Ch
 Dinnyésvárosi Bluish Beauty 
for Kerrydom Court

 Int & EU Ch Louisburgh Tur Ceatha

 HU Ch Terciopelo-Azul de la Cadiera

 S & Fin Ch
 Rollick's Wild Thing
  Int US Es Pt S & Fin, EuW-04
 Opus de Chapeau Terrier
 Int & Es Ch Fensi Vul Ask Me Why
 Es Ch La Claveles de Chapeau Terrier
 Int Ch Rollick's Magic
 S Ch Rollick's Lara Croft




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